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Amy and Jay’s Wedding at The State Room

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Amy and Jay got married on June 1st and had a beautiful cocktail style wedding at The State Room! Once again, Tiffany Wayne Photography captured the day perfectly. A few more vendors that helped make the couple’s day perfect are Make Me Fabulous, Lily~Saratoga, Fleurtactious Designs and DJ Paul Malo. The entire bridal party looked stunning, especially the bride, and it looks like everyone had the best time. Congrats to the happy couple!


Johanna & Dave’s Wedding at The State Room

This post is filed under: Real Wedding | Direct Link: Johanna & Dave’s Wedding at The State Room

Describe how you and your husband met: We met in New York City. We had just moved into midtown apartments in early 2007 and we both lived on the 4th floor of adjacent buildings. My kitchen window looked into his living room window through an airshaft, and after some simple chit-chat one day he placed a note on my window (using duct tape and a broom stick!) while I was out, asking me if I wanted to come over for a drink and watch football. So I did!

What was the proposal like? On our first Valentine’s day, which was only about a week or two after we had first met, Dave came over and made a steak dinner. The night he proposed, he re-created the meal again at my apartment. It was simple and so sweet.

Overall, how did your wedding planning go? I was fortunate enough to have a sister also wedding planning at the same time- we were able to do many things together, like register and dress shop. However, it was difficult to get into a “winter” mindset when it was warm and sunny out! Of course, it was
stressful toward the end, especially surrounding the holiday and while living out of town, which made for some schedule-packed visits on the weekends. The coordinator provided by The State Room was essential in organizing the other vendors, all of which were very professional and well-prepared, so I knew I could count on everyone to help see the wedding through.

How did you decide on which vendors to choose for your wedding? Once I discovered photography and wedding “blogs,” I kept my eye out for any local vendors that were mentioned that I was drawn to. This led me to both my sister’s photographer and Clark+Walker studio, as well as the band (which was amazing and I am still getting compliments on!). Some of the vendors (florist, event company and desserts) were recommended by our wonderful venue- The State Room, which my parents introduced me to (and which I was unfamiliar with before). Papyrus out of New York City was great for invitations because they helped me find a paper company that would let me do most of the designing, and hair/makeup was done by my mother’s life-long stylist, who I felt very comfortable with.

What made you decide on having a winter wedding? There were so many factors, but mostly I love how beautifully decorated everywhere is at Christmastime, and people are generally in a festive mood, which contributes to the whole atmosphere. It also helped that Dave and I were able to plan the wedding (in under a year) with our choice of nearly any vendor we wanted, as we weren’t competing with the traditional summer/fall wedding season.

How did you come up with your color scheme/theme? It was Christmastime, and I didn’t even bother to pick a “theme” to put on top of the otherwise festive ambiance and décor. It would be a crime to fight the beautiful and traditional evergreens, gold and silver tones, which the State Room was decorated with. I steered clear of red colors and cutesy images like snowflakes because I didn’t want it to look too much like a Christmas card (winter weddings lend themselves to more formal a tone).

What do you think made your wedding unique? Getting married in the winter is unique in itself, and many guests remarked that they had never been to one before. The band played Christmas music, which was a huge hit- the dance floor was packed before the first course was even served. The last song was “The Christmas Song,” and I think it summed up the night perfectly.

What was the most memorable moment of the wedding? Dave and I skipped a lot of traditions that we didn’t need (garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting), but we did not do a “first look” that is popular these days. Walking down the aisle was really special for both of us, as we really had the whole day to build up the excitement of seeing each other for the first time at the church.

Do you have any advice to give to future brides? People generally say to take your time to plan a wedding, but the reality is that you only need a few months; I firmly believe that the longer an engagement, the more time you have to be stressed out! Make decisions and stick with them, but don’t be afraid to be flexible and throw out anything you are not that passionate about. Be considerate of your guests because you/your parents are the hosts after all (provide them with a nice hotel welcome, directions, good food, etc.). Some more tangible advice? Avoid the cheesy wedding aisles in craft stores and keep your venue/season in mind always- peonies are a beautiful flower but they do not belong in December.

What’s next for you as a couple? We have a new apartment and are getting adjusted to living together. Now that the wedding is over, I can concentrate on styling our home!

Entertainment: City Rhythm, New York Players
Hair/Makeup: Rita Di Mura, Metamorphose Salon
Flowers: Ambiance
Dress: Alvina Valenta