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Michelle & Gaby’s Hall of Springs Wedding

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There’s so much to love about this real wedding, photographed by Clark+Walker Studio. First off, the bride Michelle looked absolutely stunning! From the dress to the hair & makeup, everything was perfect. Michelle and Gaby also looked so happy throughout the entire day. Another beautiful feature of this wedding was their reception at Hall of Springs. Renaissance Floral Design did an incredible job and all of the centerpieces looked so unique. We’re sure that everything ran smoothly on their wedding day because Christine A. Wheat Special Events Firm was there for day-of coordination! We can also guarantee that all their guests had a fun time, because NY Players was in the house. Congrats to Michelle and Gaby!

Michelle’s dress was from Something Bleu Bridal in Saratoga! It looks like it was made for her.

Love how the bridesmaid dresses were different styles

Such a good looking bridal party!

The Hall of Springs designed by David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design

Photobooth is becoming so popular at weddings. It’s a great place for guests (and the couple) to let loose and be silly!


The End of the Trend

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Harmony Walton, founder of, wrote a very intriguing article called, “The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend.” It brings up great conversation and opinions on what today’s wedding should be like. I definitely recommend you reading the article and sharing your thoughts in our comment box.

Walton explains that the vintage wedding trend is starting to fade. One of my favorite quotes in the article is, “over the past few years we’ve seen such a clamoring for personal and nostalgic wedding details that those details have lost all personalization and meaning.” If you think about it, so many things happen at weddings because that’s what couple’s think they’re supposed to do, not because they actually want to do it. However, it should be the exact opposite. Nothing should be done at a wedding if it doesn’t fit the couple’s personality, and there shouldn’t be any “rules” or “staples” that they feel they need to include. Each wedding should be unique and meaningful.

It also helps out the wedding photographers when their weddings aren’t so cookie cutter. Whenever I look at blogs, the pictures that stand out the most and catch my eye are the ones that are a little different. Nothing probably enhances a photographer’s talent more than when they have something new and exciting to shoot. As Walton explains, “the end of a trend can actually benefit brides and grooms, as it translates to more original thinking on the part of wedding vendors.”

We will start to see a shift towards a more formal and sophisticated style, coming after Prince William and Kate’s popular wedding. However, when do you think this fad will start getting old like all the rest?