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Amy & Dan’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding!

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Amy and Dan got married at Glen Sanders Mansion and these pictures by Bailly Photography are gorgeous! I love how the couple didn’t let the rain ruin their big day. Looks like everyone at the wedding had a fun time on the dance floor!


A St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

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So many NYWB members were a part of this St. Patrick’s day wedding! Even though it was in March, the couple still had gorgeous weather. Tiffany Wayne Photography, Katie O’ Weddings & Events, Lily~Saratoga, Make Me Fabulous, Fleurtacious Designs, The Pink Orange, Grand Central Station and Glen Sanders Mansion were Emily and Todd’s all star team!

Love the green shoes! 

The first look 

Saying “I do!”

Handmade by the bride and groom 

Homemade beer was their favor! 

The groom joined the band for a song! 


Chelsea & Shawn’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding

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Describe how you and your husband met: My husband Shawn and I were set up six years ago by my sister Amanda. The set up was a disaster. We were with a group of about 15 people and didn’t speak to each other the entire night. When everyone was getting ready to go home Shawn mentioned to my sister that he was leaving early in the morning for a Buffalo Bills game that he had won tickets to. My sister being herself jumped right on it and mentioned how I was a big football fan. He had an extra ticket so he asked me to come to the game with him (about the 5th word we said to each other all night)….I hesitantly said yes since I only knew him for 3 hours (best decision I have ever made). We had an amazing time at the game and have been inseparable ever since.

What was the proposal like? The proposal took place at my sister Amanda’s house (the same sister who set us up). It was 4th of July weekend and she has a huge neighborhood block party with food, drinks, and fireworks. After about 25 minutes of fireworks, just as they were ending, Shawn asked me to help him get up because his back was hurting him (we had been sitting on the ground looking up at the show). Well, me being me I yelled at him and told him to “just get up and stop being a baby”. I didn’t realize that he was on one knee while I was making fun of him until he didn’t let go of my hand. At that point he asked me to make him the happiest man in the world and he asked me to marry him. I also didn’t realize until afterward that he made sure that my father, grandfather, sisters, and best friend for over 21 years were all present for it. It was very special to have my closest friend and my family there. He still says to this day that I haven’t said yes yet. I was in such shock I just kept saying “Oh my god, get up, what are you doing, get up?!?!”

How did you decide on which vendors to use? Choosing our vendor’s was pretty easy actually. I knew before we even got engaged that the Elario’s were whom I wanted for photographers, their work is unreal. I am a blog stalker. No one can do what JP & Joe do. They are on a completely different level from everyone else. Picking Al Woodard was next for video. Hand’s down he’s the best. His work is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!!!!! We used Anthology for our florist and I still remember the first phone call I had with Kara. I just fell in LOVE with them. Right off the bat our personalities just clicked. I hung up the phone and knew right away that we had found our florist! My very good friend Joelle Averill (from Ania’s Salon) was my hair stylist. I would trust no one else to do my hair on my wedding day, she’s the BEST! Tina Commisso was my makeup artist. From this day forward I will never have anyone else do my makeup other than her. Her talent combined with her personality is every bride’s dream (she’ll even get down to some Jay-Z with you while you get ready!) Tina was referred to me by her brother Vinny… AKA Vinny Vin (DJ NonStop)…MAH MAN!!!! Vinny made our wedding come to life!!!!! It’s a month later and still numerous people are talking about our DJ and how off the hook he was! We had met with a few DJ’s prior and the second we met with Vinny we just knew. We told him about the song we wanted to enter the reception to and the type of music we wanted and his eyes lit up. He was as excited about our wedding as we were. It was like the star’s had aligned. We knew we had our guy! He is the best and EVERYONE who was at our wedding has said he was by far the best DJ they have ever heard at a wedding. We were so very lucky to have the vendor’s we did; they made my vision come to life. We couldn’t have asked for anything more out of our vendors. They were all above & beyond perfect.

How did you come up with our theme/color scheme? I wanted a very neutral palate for the wedding scheme/color. I really don’t like bright colors, or bridesmaid dresses for that matter. We found these dresses at Cache and then did all the colors based off of them. The flowers were all white and antique colored so having lots of candles went perfectly with the overall look and feel that I was going for.

What made you decide to have your wedding in November? I wanted a fall/Saturday evening wedding and knew that I wanted my wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion ever since I was a teenager. They had a May date free & the next available date was Nov 12th. So it worked out. I liked how the date (11.12.11) looked…. And it will be easy for Shawn to remember our anniversary.

What was the most difficult part of the wedding planning process? The most difficult part of planning the wedding was doing it without my mom. She passed away 6 months before I met Shawn. Every girl dreams of planning their wedding with their mom. Thank god I am so blessed to have my dad, the 2 best big sisters, best friends & in-laws a girl could ask for. Also, I am a very indecisive person so I would change the font on the invitations/programs a million times, they took months! No one notices that stuff but to a bride it matters!!!!

What made your wedding unique? Our wedding was unique because the part that we really remember was our ceremony. Most people remember the reception but many have said how touching our ceremony was. My 92 year old grandfather got himself ordained and performed the ceremony. How many married couples can say that their 92 year old grandfather married them? There were some very emotional times remembering my mom. Also, there were some funny times, like my grandfather calling one of our readers who’s real name is Patrick… Patricia. Pat then went up to the podium and said “Hi, I’m Patricia.” The Elario’s caught a photo of all my bridesmaids cracking up standing next to him and I feel like I’m right there in the moment. I can still hear him saying it followed by 200 people laughing. My grandfather nailed the ceremony it was perfect and I will always have that amazing memory; he’s got some pretty good comedic timing for 92!

What was the most memorable moment of the day? I have 2 moments that stick out above all from the day. The first was with my dad moments before he walked me down the aisle. He said something so funny and out of character that we both keeled over laughing hysterically! (Elario’s caught that too of course). The other was with Shawn as we were walking into the reception. We could hear Mary J. Blige & Method Man’s “You’re all I Need” blaring in the background. He took my hand and asked me if I was ready to do this. It was that one little question that just made everything ok, it felt like home.

Do you have any advice for future brides? Future Brides, take a minute to yourself on your wedding day. You have been so busy & stressed out checking and rechecking every last detail leading up to this day you’ll need it! Listening to people all day running around asking you a million questions gets’ overwhelming. Take a minute to clear your cluttered mind, even if it means having your makeup artist kick everyone out of the room (love you for that too Tina!)

What’s next for you as a couple? Next up for us is some traveling! We want to take this time to experience the world. We definitely want kid’s…but want to enjoy what alone time we’ve still got left together.


Laura & Edward’s Joe Elario Photography Wedding

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I wanted to feature this wedding because it took place on the day Hurricane Irene hit…which you would NEVER guess from the pictures. Most brides would be devastated if mother nature wasn’t on her side for her big day, however, Laura was all smiles. It really makes you remember what saying “I Do” is all about – it’s not about having the perfect sunny day, but being able to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person. With that being said, the couple got married at Union Chapel and then headed to Glen Sanders Mansion for the reception. Joe Elario Photography, Make Me Fabulous, Fleurtacious Designs, Mazzone Hospitality, and DJ Jeffrey Scott were the perfect combination of vendors to pull off an amazing wedding on this unfortunate day.

Such a beautiful bride..

The guys dressed to impress

Union Chapel

The first look

Love the color of the bridesmaid dresses!

You know we love umbrellas because of our previous blog post

Laura & Edward were good sports and went outside to snag some great images

Can you believe this was taken during a hurricane?!

Glen Sanders Mansion after Fleurtacuous Designs did their thing

Congrats to the lovely couple!