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Franklin Plaza Troy NY Wedding

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You will want to check out these gorgeous Franklin Plaza wedding photos on the Clark+Walker blog this afternoon, stunning!

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Wedding Videography? I Really Thought Pictures Would Be Enough..

By: Bigler Productions

Danielle and Matt poured their heart and soul into planning their 2011 October wedding. Danielle was eager to celebrate and to embrace every beautiful detail about their once in a lifetime wedding day. It wasn’t until a conversation with her sister-in-law that Danielle realized she may have overlooked one vital detail, the wedding videographer.

Was Videography Something You Were Considering For Your Wedding?
“We were actually dead set on NOT having a videographer,” said Danielle. “It wasn’t until my sister-in-law explained to me that her only regret was not hiring someone to video her wedding. She explained that the day is such a whirlwind and it all becomes such a blur that I would never remember it all. I didn’t want any regrets. It was then, I began doing my research to find a videographer.”

What Was Your Perception Of Wedding Videography Prior To Hiring?
“I really thought pictures would be enough. The wedding was already so expensive and I wasn’t sure I wanted to increase the cost of the wedding. Our photographer (Clark+Walker) was awesome, but I can’t even begin to talk about how amazing our video is. I can’t believe I almost didn’t do it. At first, I really thought a video would be over-doing it a bit.”

Did You Have Concerns About Hiring A Wedding Videographer?
Danielle had said she really only had one concern about hiring a videographer and that was having a camera man who seemed to intrude on the day.”I had been to weddings of friends and family and these video guys were always in your face, they had these bright lights, they were so obvious in what they were doing. I didn’t like that, I didn’t want that.” As Danielle continued to talk with her potential wedding videographers she wanted to make sure they would be able to do the job without stealing the spotlight or making her guests uncomfortable.

Describe The Experience Of Having A Videographer At Your Wedding.
“Our videographers were very professional, punctual and they seemed just as excited about our wedding as we were.” Danielle said her guests and friends did not even know a wedding videographer was around the entire evening. ”They found the most precious moments and honestly, I was running on straight adrenaline and there were things they found and got on video that I never saw or just don’t remember. I honestly don’t really remember them even being there!”

What Was The Best Part Of Hiring A Videographer?
Danielle couldn’t count the number of meaningful moments the videographer caught throughout the entire day, but she melted when she saw the raw emotions of her parents during her first dance. “I was so engrossed in what I was doing I never saw what was going on with my parents.” However, because of her video she was able to step back and see the emotional response of her mother and father. ”You can just take and relive each moment.” Danielle explained another aspect she loved was the ability to watch the video and really digest the speeches that were given. Even though she heard them at her wedding, she was able to take the time to really listen to what her maid of honor had said, what their best man had spoken about and the words her father conveyed to her. ”I will never forget it all now, I didn’t realize how much I had missed until I went back and listened again.”

What Made The Video Worth The Investment?
“It’s tangible, you have memories that you will keep forever and ever and ever. I loved our photographs. Our photographer was amazing, but watching the video you catch the emotions. I can’t even explain it, but just to be able to see the live footage, there is just a difference.”

Are You Glad You Hired A Videographer?
“If any bride ever had questions about hiring a videographer, I say to give them my cell phone number and let’s talk,” Danielle laughed. “Seriously, I found the end product absolutely amazing… It is totally worth the investment. I can’t say that enough. You will regret not doing it.”

Any Tips For A Bride Who Is Shopping Around For A Videographer?
“I think you want someone enthusiastic, fun and professional . Someone who can work with your other vendors especially your photographer.” Danielle said her videographer had promised her video before Christmas and Christmas Eve her video was delivered. “That’s the kind of videographer you want to hire. The one who will make a Christmas Eve delivery.”

Watch Their Video by Bigler Productions:

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Top First Dance Songs of 2011

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When planning a wedding, it’s always a special time for the couple when deciding what their first dance song will be. They’re looking for something that can explain their feelings for one another in words. It’s also a meaningful moment that the guests can watch! Music Man Entertainment, DJ Mike Garrasi, put together a list consisting of the top first dance songs of 2011. What was YOUR song?!

“Marry Me” – Train

“You and Me” – Dave Matthews Band

“Then” – Brad Paisley

“Everything” – Michael Buble

“You Are The Best Thing” – Ray LaMontagne

“Lucky” – Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailat

“Feels Like Home” – Chantel Kreviazuk

“You & Me” – Lifehouse

“Better Together” – Jack Johnson

“Make You Feel My Love” – Adele


The End of the Trend

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Harmony Walton, founder of, wrote a very intriguing article called, “The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend.” It brings up great conversation and opinions on what today’s wedding should be like. I definitely recommend you reading the article and sharing your thoughts in our comment box.

Walton explains that the vintage wedding trend is starting to fade. One of my favorite quotes in the article is, “over the past few years we’ve seen such a clamoring for personal and nostalgic wedding details that those details have lost all personalization and meaning.” If you think about it, so many things happen at weddings because that’s what couple’s think they’re supposed to do, not because they actually want to do it. However, it should be the exact opposite. Nothing should be done at a wedding if it doesn’t fit the couple’s personality, and there shouldn’t be any “rules” or “staples” that they feel they need to include. Each wedding should be unique and meaningful.

It also helps out the wedding photographers when their weddings aren’t so cookie cutter. Whenever I look at blogs, the pictures that stand out the most and catch my eye are the ones that are a little different. Nothing probably enhances a photographer’s talent more than when they have something new and exciting to shoot. As Walton explains, “the end of a trend can actually benefit brides and grooms, as it translates to more original thinking on the part of wedding vendors.”

We will start to see a shift towards a more formal and sophisticated style, coming after Prince William and Kate’s popular wedding. However, when do you think this fad will start getting old like all the rest?