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Albany Photobooth by Clark+Walker Studio

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Clark+Walker Studio is now offering their Photobooth as a stand-alone service. As one of the only true photo companies offering a photo booth without needing to hire them as your wedding photographers we expect things to be buys!

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Clark+Walker Studio expanding

This post is filed under: Member Spotlight | Direct Link: Clark+Walker Studio expanding

Clark+Walker Studio, known as Albany wedding photographers, has plans to expand to additional markets starting this year. They’re now shooting Saratoga weddings, Rochester weddings, Massachusetts weddings, Connecticut weddings, Vermont weddings, and Syracuse weddings.

You can see a full list of their new markets at their wedding photography directory.

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“My Videographer Was More Than a Guy With a Camera”

By: Bigler Productions

Kristina had no doubt she wanted a videographer for her wedding last September. She knew she wanted the precious moments of her marriage to Jason captured in a unique way, but finding direction to the right video professional was proving to be a challenge. The challenge was coupled with the fact that Kristina wasn’t really sure what she would actually get when she hired a videographer. After all, she was just looking for a guy behind a camera, right?

What Were Your Pre-Conceived Notions About A Videographer Prior To Finding One?
“To me, I really did think I was looking for just a guy with a camera and the issue wasn’t whether or not I wanted a videographer, it was finding one.” Kristina knew she wanted a video to document her wedding day, but her vision of what that video should look like was slightly out of focus. She was simply looking for someone to produce a visual memory, but she wasn’t sure what to expect in the end product of the actual video.

How Did A Videographer Fit In Your Budget?
“I truly wasn’t concerned about that part of it,” Kristina explained. “I knew the videographer was something I really wanted and I encourage every bride to get a video. It’s worth the money and truthfully, videographers are not terribly priced.” Kristina adamantly explained her wedding day memories were captured in a way that only video could produce. “It’s worth the money, I don’t know how to say that enough.”

What Was It Like Having A Videographer At Your Wedding?
Kristina admits she had a couple of concerns that pertained to having a videographer at her wedding. ”I was nervous he would miss something and that something that was important to me wouldn’t be on the video,” Kristina said. “I was also unsure how I would feel about a video camera being on me the whole time.” Those concerns were quickly alleviated. ”The videographer was great. It wasn’t just a guy with a camera, it was a team. They were professional beyond belief and when they were involved in conversation they were amazing.” Kristina said her videographer was upbeat and kept the atmosphere light, but knew when to take a step back and become virtually invincible. “I honestly don’t remember seeing him at the wedding. I knew he was there, but he was not in our face, he was not annoying and somehow he caught every special moment.”

What Did You Think The First Time You Saw Your Video?
“I can’t believe how smooth it was,” Kristina remembers after watching her video for the first time. “I just can’t believe how well it was put together, it wasn’t choppy, the music was perfect, I still can’t believe it.” Kristina even mentioned the small moments that were on the video that she was sure no one else had seen. “He caught a little kiss we had during the reception, he found all these moments I didn’t know he saw and incorporated them in our video. It was truly unbelievable.”

If A Bride Was On The Fence About A Videographer,
What Would You say? Was Your Video Worth Your Investment?

That question seemed to baffle Kristina who said she couldn’t imagine NOT investing in her video. ”We have watched it so many times just between ourselves, plus our friends and family keep asking to watch it. The video was that good,” Kristina said. However, that is not even the best part. The newlywed said her grandparents who live in Florida watch the video just about every night. ”They loved the wedding, they loved the family being there and every time I talk to them, they talk about that video. For that fact alone, I am glad we did it.” There is another memory her video has not yet created and that will be the moment Kristina and Jason sit down with their future children and show them the day they were married. The video will be the way the young couple tells the story of their very own fairy-tale.

“A video captures the sounds, the voices and the way your friends and family look out on the dance floor. It keeps memories alive in a way that photographs can’t. Video allows you to hear what people say throughout the day and listen to the music that played. I can still turn on the radio in my car and a song that played on the video will be on and it brings me right back to my wedding day. You can’t capture it like that in any other way.” Turns out, hiring a videographer was much, much more than just finding a guy with camera.

Watch Kristina and Jason’s Wedding Video:

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Dress of the Week & a Trunk Show!

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By: Angela’s Bridal

The Angela’s Bridal Dress of the Week, Mikaella style #1660, looks fabulous on so many shapes and sizes, as the ruching is super slimming and the stunning bridal belt cinches the waist line at just the right spot! The gown also provides a great alternative for a girl looking for a gown with straps! Visit the Angela’s Bridal Blog to learn more about this gorgeous gown and the designer, Mikaella, as we are hosting their Trunk Show later this month, April 26, 27, and 28th! You do not want to miss out on this event, or seeing for yourself how great this gown makes you look and feel! Call (518) 869-1848 today to make your appointment! We cannot wait to make your dream dress come true!

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