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Amy and Jay’s Wedding at The State Room

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Amy and Jay got married on June 1st and had a beautiful cocktail style wedding at The State Room! Once again, Tiffany Wayne Photography captured the day perfectly. A few more vendors that helped make the couple’s day perfect are Make Me Fabulous, Lily~Saratoga, Fleurtactious Designs and DJ Paul Malo. The entire bridal party looked stunning, especially the bride, and it looks like everyone had the best time. Congrats to the happy couple!


Bridal Wars

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The NYWB is excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring Bridal Wars this year! It’s such a fun event and there are some really amazing prizes up for grabs. You can register HERE and it’s $30.

GRAND PRIZE is a HONEYMOOON! All inclusive trip to Mexico!

Here is how the event will work:
All teams will complete 4 challenges- 2 will be workout related and 2 will not. There will be a winner of each challenge, that winner will get to choose a prize. Each team can not win more than (one) challenge, HOWEVER you will want to do as good as you can because all of your scores will be added together to determine an overall winner of a HONEYMOON!
Teams must be all female, each bride will get a gift bag and a veil to wear for this event!
The best team name and best team attire will be choosen by a panel of judges. These will count as a Challenge and these winners will get to choose a prize as well- the winner for these categories will get a bonus point toward your team score! *** Anyone can win these, they will be choosen during the event by a panel of judges and it will not matter if you have already won another challenge that day. These will be considered bonus challenges.

All brides will get gift bags, bring your friends and families to cheer you on.

Prizes Include:
GRAND PRIZE- All inclusive El Dorado Resort Honeymoon
$250 gift certificate for Advantage Limousine Certificate
$200 Anthology Studio Certificate ( floral)
$150 gift certificate to Melinda’s Chocolate Fountains
$350 Gift Certificate to Lisa Jubert Photography
$150 Magnet Man Gift Certificate
$150 gift certificate to Gourmet Confections
$100 gift certificate to the Bridal Gallery by Yvonne
$125 gift certificate to The Ice Man
MORE TO COME! PLUS attending professionals will also be offering special challenges and chances to win prizes with them!


Frank Adams Jewelers Diamond Dash

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Frank Adams Jewelers is having another great event to win a $10,000 diamond ring! Sign up here to participate! This mobile-based treasure hunt is open to anyone.

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5 Things to Consider When Looking For a Wedding Videographer

Five Things to Consider When Looking For a Wedding Videographer
By: Bigler Productions

In the hunt for a quality wedding videographer? There are a number of options out there and it can be difficult to narrow the search. However, your wedding video is an investment and it’s important to do your homework. There are five key elements which can help strip away the mediocre and unveil the true professional that is right for you. Bigler Productions suggests you to consider these five things before booking your wedding videographer: Personality, Experience, Product, Reputation and Price.

Personality is important. Think about it. You will be spending ALL day with your videographer. It can really detract from your wedding day if the videographer is awkward. The probability of you liking your wedding video correlates to how much you like the person behind the camera. “Its important to me that I meet with every couple before they book Bigler Productions. Not only to make sure that they like me but that I have chemistry with them as well. The bottom line, if you get an awkward feeling from your initial consultation with a vendor, how do you think its going to be on your wedding day?” asks owner Dave Bigler. Personality is important and it goes hand in hand with experience.

Energy coupled with the emotions of your big day can make things crazy and you need a professional who can handle the unpredicted undulation.“As with anything, practice makes perfect; and lets be honest, the more weddings a videographer has shot, the fewer mistakes they make. You don’t want your wedding to be a ‘learning opportunity’ for a videographer,” said Dave. Never hesitate to ask how many weddings a professional has worked. If a vendor has done more than one hundred weddings, it takes a great deal to throw them off stride. Experience dowses stress and sharpens focus when it is needed the most. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your videographer can handle the events of your wedding. Some foresight into their capabilities may ride on the waves of their reputation.

Though Bigler Productions is based in Saratoga, Dave knows reputation, good or bad, reaches far and wide. Ask around. Ask other wedding vendors what they think of your choice in videographer. Saratoga, and the surrounding Capital District, embrace a number of talented wedding professionals. Before you make your decision ask your photographer, wedding planner and venue coordinator for their thoughts. You will will be amazed at what you can learn about your potential videographer simply based on the opinions of other professionals.

If everything looks good up to this point, then it’s time to take a good look at the product itself. Do you like their videos? Is the videography creative and diverse or will your face just be a new facet to a video that has been created over and over again? “It’s important to me that when a couples’ friends watch their wedding video that the style and character of the video matches that couples personality,” said Dave. “That’s why so many of our weddings highlights are different from each other. I have each couple pick out their music and I make sure we do the edit within 12 weeks of the wedding while the event is still fresh.”

Pricing point can tell you a great deal about a wedding videographer. The parameters are simple. You get what you pay for. The good videographers will have a lot of referrals from past brides and they will have been around for awhile. This will not result in cheap prices. If a videographer is in high demand, they will be more expensive than the guy who is having trouble booking weddings and is dropping his prices.

Take time in making your decision. Look at all five elements of your decision making and don’t shy away from digging past the information on the web. “There are great videographers out there, the key is finding a good balance that works for you,” said Dave.

Set up an appointment today to meet with Dave and see if the Bigler Productions team is the right videography team for you.