About New York Wedding Boutique

The New York Wedding Boutique started, innocently enough, on a cold winter afternoon with 2 friends having lunch. Luke Walker and JP Elario got together to have some wings and catch up when Luke (who never stops talking about new ideas even when having wings with the guys) shared this idea of getting a group of professionals together to collaborate on a project. Upstate NY, and more specifically the Capital Region, is such a beautiful area and a hidden gem of sorts in the wedding industry. It doesn’t have the big city name recognition like other Northeast markets and heck, lots of people around the country don’t even know there is anything other than Manhattan when you say “New York.” But those who follow weddings closely know this part of the country have some incredible weddings and some of the most scenic backdrops. Whether it be vineyard weddings, bridal parties on the dock with their feet in the water, rehearsal dinners at the racetrack, or chic barn galas with rustic chandeliers – Upstate NY has some amazing weddings. However, when you flip through Brides – New York and similar “regional” magazines it’s all NYC weddings and professionals. If some of these amazingly talented professionals up here in the Capital Region pulled our efforts together we could really make some noise. We could show off some of what’s happening locally, share our talents+ideas+work, and provide a greatly needed resource for brides having local weddings.

This is the part of the story where you expect me to say “the NYWB was off and running and everything went happily ever after.” That would be a lie though. Between the insanely busy schedules and all the weddings the idea was almost immediately shelved. Like on that top shelf, the one way up there where everything has an inch of dust on it and you need a stepladder to reach it.

Fast forward a year later, after thinking about the group constantly and sharing the ideas with some of the area’s most talented professionals, the original 6 founders of the NYWB gathered for drinks and dinner. It was there the idea finally gathered the steam and commitment of all 6 members to either go big or go home with this idea. There are already enough associations out there for businesses to join, and there’s already enough websites for brides to visit. Lets either be the best and make everyone buy into this, or let’s not do it at all.

The New York Wedding Boutique was formed and comprises a collection of the most highly respected and sought after wedding professionals on the East Coast. Our vision is to provide an unparalleled resource for those stylish couples who are looking for the best-of-the best in wedding expertise, not only in the Northeast, but in the industry. As a group, our primary focus is to be your main resource for information, ideas, inspiration, vendors and all things wedding in New York’s Capital District.

Now it’s finally time to cue the confetti, the balloons, and the streamers for the happy ending. We promise to be one of the most exciting wedding resources you’ll find during your planning process.